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Fermentation happens.

If you don't think that you like fermented foods, then it is time to think again. Fermented foods are everywhere. If you eat bread, drink alcohol, or eat canned vegetables (vinegar is a product of fermentation too), then you already like fermented foods.

Fermentation, the word, has its roots in the Latin verb fervere meaning, "to boil," and has the same origins as effervescence. This bubbly action aptly describes the ferments that we make and the excitement that we share for them. We like to eat many of our homemade fermented foods raw so that we get all of that probiotic goodness in our belly (although an occasional chocolate sauerkraut cake is unavoidable). Whether you're a freshly fermented newbie or have a fully decked-out fermentation lab in your basement, we want to welcome you to our community of fermented people. Listen to the podcast, read the blog, and share your experiences.

We are fermentation enthusiasts; not experts. We experiment. We make mistakes. Fermentations go wrong. Sometimes foods don't taste as we expect. But we make adjustments and we ferment and ferment again (however, it is worth noting that most of the time our little microbial treats taste awesome).