Good Turnout for the Madison Food Camp 2013

No matter how much someone knows about food or fermentation, there is always something to learn. More importantly, it is always inspiring to meet other people excited about food fermentation.

My experience teaching two workshops at Madison Food Camp this past Saturday was awesome. All of the attendees showed interest and excitement for heirloom yogurts and homemade cheese. The rooms were packed full for all of the fermentation classes that I attended. It really is inspiring to see so many people interested in food fermentation.

Fermentation workshop attendees

I don’t have any photos from either of my workshops.

Sourdough Workshop

I liked the Eastern Sourdough class with a discussion on dosas. I haven’t made any forms of sourdough for a few years, so I not only got a refresher, but learned new things in the process.

Sauerkraut demonstration

I handed out viili yogurt starters at the heirloom yogurt class in hopes that people would be inspired to not only make their own viili at home, but also share it with their friends and family. I believe the more people that are making viili in a specific area, the less likely friends and family are to loose their cultures. If a person screws something up, they can just go ask their neighbor for more. We must work to keep these heirloom yogurts alive and easily accessible.

If you were in attendance at the heirloom yogurt workshop, be sure to check out these instructions for a refresher on how to make your viili at home.

Thanks to everyone that attended. I had a great time!