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Episode 13: No Fermentation In Black Garlic?

This week we talk about what not to do with kefir grains, a bit of history behind the people who originally drank kumis, whether marijuana infused kombucha is a gimmick or not, our thoughts on plastic kraut pouches with one-way valves, probiotic steering wheels, water kefir carbonation, and then we share the news that black garlic is not actually fermented.

We will be attending the Good Food Festival in Chicago on Saturday, March 16th. There will be a lot of fermented food workshops there including Sandor Katz’s three hours of fermentation. Will you be there? If so, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Show notes:

Black Garlic by Foodista

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin

[Marijuana Infused Kombucha NutraIngredients ](https://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Industry/Abattis-signs-deal-to-market-CBD-infused-kombucha-in-Colorado-Washington)
[Introducing the Kraut Pouch Farmhouse Culture](https://farmhouseculture.com/2013/03/introducing-the-kraut-pouch/#lightbox/0/)
[Yogurt is Probiotic, Why not Your Steering Wheel? Forbes](https://www.forbes.com/sites/bruceupbin/2013/03/01/yogurt-is-probiotic-why-not-your-steering-wheel/)
[Black Garlic Nordic Food Lab](https://nordicfoodlab.org/blog/2013/2/black-garlic)
[RECIPE: Polish Hunters Stew - a.k.a. Bigos Simply Recipes](https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/polish_hunters_stew/)
[Good Food Festival Chicago](https://www.goodfoodfestivals.com/)

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