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Episode 17: Preserved Lemon Delight

This week we discuss the magical world of preserved lemons; how to make them, how to use them and the amazingness of their flavor transformation. We then provide a little background history on how and where lemons may have originated.

We also discuss our thoughts on formal fermentation education and new opportunities at universities across the US. And then we look at alternative options for those wanting to get a deeper understanding of fermentation.

Other news includes deer cheese, black garlic, a Greek yogurt lawsuit and CropMobster.

Show notes:

cut lemon by Abhijit Tembhekar

[What is Black Garlic? Blue Fortune Farm](https://bluefortunefarm.com/store/black_garlic.html)

This is the first black garlic that we have tried and it tasted awesome. Now Branden is motivated to try making his own black garlic. There website says that it is fermented, but as the following link shows, this is not true.

[Black Garlic is not fermentation Nordic Food Lab](https://nordicfoodlab.org/blog/2013/2/black-garlic)

The article that explains why black garlic is not a process of fermentation but is instead a enzymatic transformation along with maillard reaction.

British Court Bans Chobani from Using Greek Term

The High Court of England and Wales has banned Chobani from marketing its product as Greek yogurt in London and Wales because they say the term is confusing to consumers.

[Get Ready to Eat Some Expensive Deer Cheese Grub Street New York](https://newyork.grubstreet.com/2013/04/farmed-red-deer-cheese-new-zealand.html)

Inspired by donkey milk cheese, a New Zealand cheesemaker has been milking deer for an expensive deer cheese that will cost 84 bucks a liter!

[Here’s to a state microbe, says Oregon lawmaker KTVZ](https://www.ktvz.com/news/Here-s-to-a-state-microbe-says-Oregon-lawmaker/-/413192/19624496/-/14g6lphz/-/index.html)

Oregon Legislature is in the process of discussing a new state symbol: a state microbe! This specific brewer’s yeast would symbolize the many craft beer companies in Oregon and the importance to economic growth.

[Supporting Local Producers and Feeding People Thru Crop Mobbing! CropMobster](https://cropmobster.com/)

Live in Sonoma County? Sign up for alerts on large batches of perishable produce at deep discounts.

[Flash mob solution to crop surplus PressDemocrat.com](https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20130403/LIFESTYLE/304031007/1316/lifestyle12?p=all&tc=pgall)

Perishable food no longer needs to go to waste thanks to Nick Papadopoulos, the creator of Crop Mobster. Offering a new website that cuts out the middle man and fees and directly connects farmers and hungry people.

[B.S. in Fermentation Science and Technology - Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition Colorado State University](https://www.fshn.chhs.colostate.edu/students/undergraduate/fermentation-science/index.aspx)

Looking for a BS is fermentation? There is a new major being offered at Colorado State University. Only a few colleges in the US offer such a degree.

[Fermentation Science Degree Oregon State University](https://oregonstate.edu/dept/foodsci/undergrad/fermopt.htm)

Oregon State is another one of the few that offers such a program.

[Cheese License Requirements WI.gov](https://datcp.wi.gov/uploads/Food/pdf/PersLicFeeSchedule010213.pdf)

Wisconsin is the only state in US to require cheesemakers to be licensed. Looking to make cheese in Wisconsin? Here is a PDF with all of the requirements.

[The Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s License Cheese Underground](https://cheeseunderground.blogspot.com/2009/10/wisconsin-cheesemakers-license.html)

An interesting look at the politics behind the Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s License. Read the comments for differing opinions.

Stage at Cultured Pickle Shop

Want to learn the ropes of running an established pickle shop? Then stage (unpaid internship) at the Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley, California. According to their FAQs page, they have had stagiaires from all over the world.

[Alex Hozven of Cultured Pickle Shop YouTube](https://youtu.be/LFHC9ZIQ8dk)

Another inspiring video with Alex Hozven from Cultured Pickle Shop.

[Mourad: New Moroccan by Mourad Lahlou Amazon](https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1579654290/fermup-20)

Check out the chapter titled, “Dude. Preserved Lemons.”

[Mourad Lahlou’s Preserved Lemons Recipe Cook Taste Eat](https://www.cooktasteeat.com/dish/preserved-lemons#tab3)

Here is the same recipe that can be found in Mourad Lahlou’s book.

Preserved Lemons with Mourad Lahlou

And here is a video of Mourad Lahlou explaining how he preserves lemons.

[Preserved Grapefruit, Lime or Orange Phickle](https://phickle.com/?p=674)

Check out Amanda’s post over at Phickle for more ideas on fermenting other citrus.

[Vietnamese Salty Lemonade Garden Betty](https://www.gardenbetty.com/2012/02/vietnamese-preserved-lemons-chanh-muoi-and-salty-lemonade/)

The best lemonade Branden has ever made or tasted! The complexity of the preserved lemons along with how the salt interacts with the sugar water makes for a mouthwatering and refreshing beverage. Too bad it is still a little too cold in Wisconsin to fully enjoy this beverage yet.

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