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35: Micro 101 Mixup

We’re back with a new season of fermentation fun. And a new co-host! This week we talk microbiology. Maybe we could call it a 101 introduction but it is probably more of a discussion on what we find fascinating about microbes in food.

Show notes:

[Episode 31: Food Scientists, Wine and Beer FermUp](https://fermup.com/podcast/31/)

If you missed it, here is the episode where Allison is first interviewed on FermUp.

[Episode 16: Fish Sauce was The Original Ketchup FermUp](https://fermup.com/podcast/16/)

This is the previous episode that covers MSG.

[The Microbiology of Beer The Microbes After Hours series](https://www.microbeworld.org/podcasts/asm-after-hours/1472-the-microbiology-of-beer-the-microbes-after-hours-series-6-8-pm-thursday-october-10-2013)

We plan to talk about this talk in a future episode. Watch it to get a head start on the discussion.

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