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46: The Fermented Man

This week we talk with special guest Derek Dellinger. Derek will only consume fermented foods, and nothing but fermented foods, for one whole year.

Show notes:

Special Guest Derek Dellinger Illustration by Lena DeLeo.

[For One Year, I Will Eat Only Fermented Foods, Then Publish a Book About It Bear Flavored Homebrew and Beer Blog](https://www.bear-flavored.com/2013/12/for-one-year-i-will-eat-only-fermented.html)

Here is the blog post that announced it all.

[The Awesome Symmetry of Self-Fermentation - And How It Applies To Beer Bear Flavored Homebrew and Beer Blog](https://www.bear-flavored.com/2013/12/the-awesome-symmetry-of-self.html)


[Bear Flavored Homebrew and Beer Blog](https://www.bear-flavored.com/)

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