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87: New Fermented Vegetables Cookbook

Branden is joined by the authors of Fermented Vegetables. Kirsten and Christopher Shockey have been fermenting at home, and commercially, for a long time and their experience shines in their new book featuring sixty-four vegetables and herbs in krauts, kimchis, brined pickles, chutneys, relishes, and pastas. Even if you have been fermenting vegetables for years, be sure to listen in for tips on using leafy greens and herbs (fermented shiso leaves are delicious) and more.

Show notes:

Authors of Fermented Vegetables Kirsten and Christopher Shockey

Book Cover

Book Excerpt

Book Excerpt

Excerpted from Fermented Vegetables (c) Kirsten K. and Christopher Shockey. Photography by (c) Erin Kunkel. Used with permission of Storey Publishing.

The Fermentista’s Kitchen

Visit the Shockey’s website for upcoming events and other fermentation news.

[Fermented Vegetables: Creative Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs in Krauts, Kimchis, Brined Pickles, Chutneys, Relishes & Pastes Amazon](https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1612124259/fermup-20)

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