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89: Ancient Kefir Cheese

Explore the ancient world of dairy fermentation. This week’s guest is Danielle Shelton, a historian of ancient and medieval textiles and fashion and we talk about the recent analysis of 3,600 year old kefir cheese found around the necks of mummies.

Show notes:

Danielle Shelton on Kefir Cheese

Archaeology: Ancient cheese found with mummies : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

[The World’s Oldest Cheese Fermdamentals](https://fermdamentals.com/?p=99)
[Cheese Chunks Adorn Ancient Mummies Chinese Academy Of Sciences](https://english.cas.cn/Ne/CASE/201403/t20140303_117145.shtml)
[Fermdamentals The Fundamentals of Fermentation](https://fermdamentals.com/)

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